Friday, October 4, 2013

Let me tell you something about ghana...........

Let me tell you something about ghana...........
1-you need a yellow fever card to get in ......... so i had to pay twenty bucks for a new one cuz i don't even know where that is
2-black market is all over the street... and if they even think you're interested in buying something they will not leave you alone.
3-if you are driving there is one rule pretty much.... just don't wreck. You can honk at anyone for them to know you're there or youll get hit. They do paint the lines on the streets but for some reason it came across as it's a new used as a line for the motorcycles to drive on....
also.... it is very hot and i'm already starting to smell.... but this place is so amazing! it's really scary... like one of the elders almost got mugged until he gave up twenty dollars. and the military is everywhere.. the cops look like soilders.. not fat and lazy. 
i slept all the way from new york to ghana and wow am i gonna be sore. 
english.. just forget it. it is not an english speaking place but when i do learn what they speak ill tell you. 
by the way the people over here definitley take the phrase "the world is your bathroom" to a whole new level... these guys just walked across the street today and just started sprayin the wall...
i took some pictures but im not sure if im allowed to send them right now so i will when i can. 
the people here are either really mean or really cool. but i tell you what.. everyone loves a white man. they cannot look away when they see us. and it definitley is weird to be a minority but its not to bad. 
The MTC really is like a prison. It has a huge wall around it and on top of that wall is an elctric fence and there is a front gate with an armed gaurd.... cool but freaky.
But in all honestly this place is amazing. It's super crazy and hectic ALL the time! But it is soo beautiful.. there are trees everywhere. No pine trees or anything but a ton of cool african trees like in the lion king.
The MTC president is really cool and he told me a very interesting fact. Sierra Leone is the highest baptizing mission in the world! It's not all about baptizims but that sure makes two years go faster.
It's raining right now and it's almost dark.. I guess in Sierra Leone the elders and sisters have to be inside their apartments by 7:00. I'll let you know on that one too.
We do get to watch conference here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the district and a ton of other stuff. I can see why no one likes the MTC, because they just have you go go going all the time with no breaks.
Anyways i've gotta run to my room to meet my companion so tell everyone i love em. I don't know when i'll be on next but i'll let you know how its going.
Elder Rogers

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