Monday, November 24, 2014

Wassup Wassup??

Wassup Wassup?? This week was really fast! I had an exchange on Wednesday so Elder Smith and i went to Monticello and we had quite the adventure. We went to Fred and Sue Williams home and had lunch with them. Afterward he gave us the "Jungle Tour" which is just a tour of his property. He's the guy with the pond and the alligator. We went out to the pond to see the gator but it was way to cold so the gator didn't wanna come out. After that we went around and did some other super cool missionary stuff. Friday i was on another exchange and this one was with Elder Christensen. We stayed around Tallahassee for this one and we did some pretty good missionary work! We went around talking to people and we ran into one guy who was walking his dog and he definitely had been talked to by missionaries before because we said "Hey you have a beautiful dog. What kind is it?" which is a great way to start a conversation! He's been down this road before cuz this was his reply "No i don't wanna talk about my dog and i don't wanna talk about your religion. I'll go to heaven because of my relationship with God. Not cuz mormonism is gonna take me there.".......... walk away. The best part is as he's saying that he's talking with his hands and in his right hand is his dogs leash and in his left hand is a bag of dog poop... i just wish it had smacked him in the face or opened up... but it didn't. Well Elder Troxel has had the flu so i've been doing some very serious studyin over the last three days. And some letter writing. Most of you should be recieving a letter. If you don't then send me your address and i'll get you one! Love yall!
-Elder Rogers

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