Monday, November 3, 2014


Wassup wassup?! This week was crazy! Tuesday i went on an exchange with Elder DeGroff in Quincy (his area). Quincy is full a homies! And you know what i mean by homies... my black skinned bruthas! Anyways we're up in Quincy and we're ridin bikes and talkin to a ton of people and it comes to 4 oclock in the evening, and we had an appointment with and investigator, so we head on over to her house. When we get there we see that there are a ton of cars parked outside so we go up to the door and she comes out and says that now isn't a good time so we asked if we could come back in a few hours and she said that that would be fine. So a few hours pass and we head back over to her house... the cars are still there. We are met by the investigators mother this time who really loves missionaries and has a lot of faith in the things that we do, so she tells us to come on in and pray for them. The investigators cousin had gone missing so they were all mourning with each other so we go on in and we meet everyone and we're standing in the front of their living room and there had to be at least 20 people in that room. So here we are standing in a room full of people and Elder DeGroff starts praying and its kinda hot so we're sweatin a little and i am just getting flash backs from Africa! Elder DeGroff finishes the prayer and then we leave. As we walk out i see a man across the street walking with a cane and he can barely walk straight and he's being pulled along by another, much larger, man. I ask Elder DeGroff if we should go over there and he said "nah he'll be alright. That's just Chickenwang." "Chickenwang"(don't know how he got that nickname) is a drunkard that hangs out at the gas station on the corner of the street... always drinkin and always drunk. Anyways he tells me that that is Chickenwang and then one of the women that were inside for the prayer came out to get something from her car and Elder DeGroff asks her "Is that Chickenwang?" and she looks up and across the street and in the black woman tone of voice says "Oh myyy... someone needs to pray for that man. He drunk for everyone!" That was definitely the funniest thing i had heard in a long time... I love the Quincy people so much! They are way funny! They found the cousin a few days later just so ya know. After that not much has happened. Transfer news came last night and i am gonna stay with Elder Troxel and Elder Reyes for another transfer. They will be my 3rd and 4th companions that i have stayed longer than one transfer with. It's gonna be nice not havin to pack my bags this transfer:) This week we have been doing a lot of contacting on the streets and we've been using Family History to try and spark interest in people. It worked pretty well. The whole week was planned a long time ago to be a family history competition. If you got a return appointment using family history then you got a point and at the end of the day you send them all in to your DL who sends them to your ZLs. At the end of the week there is a huge dodgeball competition (which is today). Its a huge tournament and the teams are set up by district. Our District is gonna own!!! The team(district) who got the most points during the week gets a few perks to help them. Its gonna be way fun! Our district is doin a black out so we're all gonna wear black to harness the power of intimidation! Haha hope it works! Anyways love yall but i gotta "dodge" out (<--haaa get it). See ya!
-Elder Rogers

A picture of the Tally Zone from the mission blog.

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