Monday, November 17, 2014

Wassup everyone!

Wassup everyone! Life is the same ol same ol down here in the south. Crazy rain and wind storm today and it feels and smells just how Sierra Leone did.... i'm not trunky for home i'm trunky for Africa...... one day i'll go back. Anyways this week we did a lot of teaching and seeing a lot of less actives. One crazy thing about serving a mission (and i don't know if this is a southern thing or not) but i've run into a ton of people who are hoarders. Its gross!! I can't believe how much stuff some people can pack into a house or a room or a car.... just through your crap away!!! This week was actually pretty uneventful outside of the usual preachin and teachin! We got a new investigator!!!! Which is rare! He's a retired school teacher who is interested in finding the true church... however he struggles in believing in a God... which is a big problem but we're doin our best to help him overcome that. On Tuesday i was up in Quincy again and i got to hang out with Chickenwang for a few minutes until he passed out onto his cot. He had a plastic bag full of beers and he was already drunk..... he drinks that stuff like water.... pretty crappy life, but really funny to watch him try and move around and function. Anyways that's pretty much it! Love y'all!
-Elder Rogers

funnest dodgeball tournament i've ever been in!

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