Monday, November 10, 2014

Call me Daddy...

This week was freakin crazy! Transfers were Wednesday and i am staying with Elder Reyes and Elder Troxel. Thursday morning comes around and i have to go to the mission office to fill out some driving papers so i can start driving again. When i go in and fill them out i had to sit down with Elder Bell (one of the senior missionaries over vehicles), and talk to him about my two little accidents that i had. He asked about them and i told him straight up that i was distracted and that's why i got in those accidents. He laughed and said thanks for the honesty but you shouldn't have told me that.... well President Smith walks in and Elder Bell goes into his office to talk to him about my driving record because President is the one that has to sign off on the people he allows to drive. I'm walking away and almost out the door because i thought i was done when President's door opens and Elder Bell yells to me that President wants to see me. So i go in to his office and sit down and we talk about my driving record. He told me very bluntly to stay focused when i drive because he's gonna need me to drive. He then allows me to leave and about 5 minutes after we (Elder Troxel, Elder Reyes, and I) leave we get a phone call from President and he tells us to come back to his office.... so we do. When we get in there he says that there is an emergency transfer taking place. One of the missionaries in another zone needs to come back to Tallahassee so he needs to send one of us up there in his place. He talks to us and says that he'd like Elder Reyes to go up there and take his place. Then he says to me that i need to go up with him and drive back the other missionary...... its a two hour drive. I didn't realize that when President said he's gonna need me to drive he meant like... now. So we go up and trade missionaries and we head back to Tallahassee and we arrive safe and sound... i could not believe the timing of everything. I went into the office... got my privileges to drive about an hour before i had too.... and we made it back safe:) So now it's just me and Elder Troxel in Tally 2.2 just kickin it. I'm his trainer now... gonna be pretty interesting! :) Love yall!

-Elder Rogers

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