Monday, August 17, 2015


Well everyone this week was awesome! We had MLC again! Its once a month but it comes super fast! MLC is always fun cuz we get to chill with all the cool mission homies like Milne and Browning and Jorgensen.... all the cool guys! life is good here in Tally 1! Silena White came to church on Sunday and she is super excited to be baptized this coming Saturday! She brought her friend to church with her and we went up to her to talk to her after church and this is how the conversation went:
Elder Moss: "Hey Yolanda!"
Yolanda: "Hey Silena invited me to be baptized on Saturday."
M: "Oh so you're gonna come to her baptism?"
Y: "Ya but i'm a little nervous... i don't know how to swim."
Then it hit us...... Silena really did invite her to be baptized on Saturday with her. She's so naturally missionary minded! She was talking to someone in a store and he said that she had a glow about her and she straight up told him its because she attends the "LDS church of Mormons"....... and then she invited him to come and everything. He didn't come but it was still awesome. Elder Moss and I never leave our appointments with her without a huge smile on our faces. When ever you leave or end a conversation on phone call or text she always says "Blessings." She's so sick! 
On Friday Elder Jorgensen came back to Tally 1 for the day on an exchange! It was a lot of fun! Just like ol times! It was really weird actually! I had to keep reminding myself that we weren't companions and that its been 3 weeks since transfers! Well thats really it for this week! We're prepping ourselves spiritually for a General Authority visit that is coming up a week from tomorrow. Elders Nielson and Stanfil from the 70 are coming! 
The "sermon from the keyboard" this week is something that i would invite everyone to ponder and take action in whatever way they feel that they need to. President said at MLC that "When the Lord hastens the work... He hastens it on both sides of the veil." Think about it and do whatever you feel you need to do to hasten the work!
-Elder Rogers

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