Monday, December 15, 2014

I'm outta here!

Wassup wassup? This week we had a lot of crazy events! Monday was a normal P-Day.. Tuesday was our half mission Christmas conference. To see pictures you can go to "" (longest blog name ever) or the facebook page which will have videos as well which would be sick to watch! Anyways it was a blast it was from 9 to 4 so a huge chunk of the day and we got to hang out with the other missionaries and have a good time. We got to watch "Meet the Mormons!" And that was way awesome! It was weird to just kick back and watch a movie but it was a good motivational movie and it was nice to take a break. Wednesday was full of preachin and teachin. Thursday we went out to Brother Sushereba's again and this time i took my camera and got some way good pictures from our adventure with the horses. Thursday night is where the craziest event of the week took place! So we had dinner out at the Bells home. We leave and we're on the interstate headed home and just before we reach our exit we see a car on the side of the freeway with its hazards on  and as we pass it i get this feeling in my chest and this thought pops in my mind that we need to pull over and help those people. Well i just ignored it and got off at our exit and as we're pulling into the complex i ask Elder Troxel if we should go back and help them and after some discussion we decided to go back so we get back on the interstate and go down to the next exit and then we get off and back on and head back... when we spot them and see that they are stopped we pull over and put our hazards on. We get out and walk up to the passenger side door and we see that the two women inside are laughing... they role down the window and the woman who is driving says "She's a returned missionary of 2 weeks!" NO. WAY. That was the craziest event of the week.... until Sunday night! Transfer news came Sunday night and guess what? I'm outta here! On to area number 7!! Still haven't spent longer than 3 months in a single area! Don't send anymore mail to the address that you have (for those of you who do send me mail) and i'll send you a letter from the new address! Anyways thats all for our crazy week! See ya!
-Elder Rogers

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