Monday, December 29, 2014

Beef Jerky + Powerade = Christmas Eve Dinner‏

Wassup everyone? Everything is goin great! There really isn't that much to say this week. For Christmas Eve we drove all day delivering packages to the members in our zone. It took all day and for dinner we ate really crappy and gross beef jerky because McD's apparently closes out here for Christmas Eve... Other than that, Skyping for the first time was quite the experience and it was super awesome to see everyone! We had a lot of appointments with members this week to try and get to know them the best we can. One of them is Brother Allan Sizemore and he lives in an assisted living home next to our apartment complex so we went over to see him and what you do when you go over there is you sit down and play checkers with him and talk... and it was really fun! And frustrating! We couldn't beat him! I was having flash backs of trying to beat Grandpa Rogers at checkers and how i could never even get close cuz he was too good... same concept. But we'll get him next week!!!! Anyways i think that's about it! A big Thank you to everyone who sent me a gift! I will do my best to write a letter to you but just give me a few weeks! Love you guys!
-Elder Rogers

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