Monday, December 8, 2014

300% of our weekly goal this week!

Wassup wassup?? This week has been way crazy! Monday night we ate with the Bergstrom family in our ward and we got to tour their home (its big) and during the tour we go into Brother Bergstroms man cave. Trophies, pennants, posters, you name it and its probably there. The back wall of the room is the 9 foot projector screen and he has some really powerful speakers in there! The room is sound proof and no windows so that place is dark. We watched the "He is the Gift" video in there and wow was that a lot different then watching it on a laptop. We also got to see their backyard which goes right out and meets a lake. They are one of seven houses built around a lake. And that lake is way clean! The moon was way bright that night so it was really beautiful! It reminded me a lot of what island park looks like at night! Tuesday i had an exchange with Elder DeGroff in my area and we were killin it! We taught 5 lessons in 2 days... which is a lot for this area. We also found 3 new investigators which is 300% of our weekly goal this week! It was awesome and we worked way hard and met some way cool people! On Thursday we did some service for one of the members in our ward. He had us cut down a ton of Banana trees! Banana trees are super fun to cut down. You use a machete to cut them down and with a sharp machete it will cut right through it in one swing regardless of how thick the tree is and there were a lot of trees so we had some fun cutting those down. Banana trees look dry on the outside but when you cut through the trunk water comes gushing out! They hold so much water inside them! It was really fun to slice through them and water was spraying everywhere when you cut them so it got you all wet and that made everything even more fun because it was 80 degrees outside! (Which sucks by the way... can't wait for a cold Christmas!) After we cut the trees down we put them in a pile out behind his barn and his horses were eating thåm so we got to chill with his horses for awhile and he's trained them to be very calm and easy around people (i dunno how you do that but thats what he said) so we got to be around them and pet them and that was way sick. So that was project number one at his house. Project number 2 was to hitch up two of his biggest horses to the old style buggy that he has and take them for a ride so he can start to get them in shape. So we got to hook em up and that was about an hour long process but it was way fun! Then we got to ride around in the buggy for a little then we got to unhook the horses and wash them which was awesome! And the crappy part is that before we left to go to his house i looked at my camera and said "ahh i'm not gonna need that".... stupidest thing i er dun. So we're gonna go again in two weeks to help him with another project and get his horses workin again and i'll have my camera for that one and get some sick pics. Those were the crazy events for the week! Sunday night we got to go over to the stake center and watch the Christmas Devotional and it was super awesome! I got to sit with my homies Elder Hintze and Elder Milne and its always a good time when you're around them. I loved the Christmas devotional.... the whole time i was wondering why i had never paid attention when i was watching this or General Conference because it is so awesome and beneficial when you watch them. I really love Christmas season this year. Even more than last year. There is a very different meaning and feeling to Christmas when you are giving the gift of Christ to those around you. If you haven't shared anything about Christ or His Gospel yet this season i invite you to do so... you will not regret it. I love you all and hope you are having a great Christmas season!
-Elder Rogers
... only 17 days left til Christmas. And i have decided to skype this year:)
Here's my new favorite scripture:
    "Behold, I am a disciple of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. I have been called of him to declare his word among his people, that they might have everlasting life." - 3 Nephi 5:13

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