Monday, July 7, 2014

Just not the same‏

Well i'll tell you what... the 4th of july is very different over here.... just a normal day. Man does it make you think of home though. Elder Halterman and i enjoyed it with our apartment pretty well. We cooked hashbrowns and we found some bacon, that was a miracle, and put some eggs in with them to make it similar to a mountain man breakfast, except it was for dinner. We also found some sparkling cider and enjoyed that as well. I have some sweet pictures for us to all enjoy when i get back home. The 4th just isn't the same but its not too bad. This week Elder Appia and i only taught 22 lessons in an effort to make our lessons longer and to try and make more progress... we still only had 2 investigators in church but work here is small small. Since the focus of the mission has changed now on who we teach and baptize... most people that we are now teaching hold positions in their own various apostate churches. Today was super p day so our zone got together and played some small games and then we went into the new mission home (so beautiful) and watched "Ephraims Rescue" which was a very sweet film and very motivating to go and do the work. Love this country and the lessons that it brings for me to learn! Love you all!
-Elder Rogers

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