Monday, July 21, 2014

"Hello Elder Rogers......‏

So i am sitting there in district meeting on Tuesday morning in the chapel that i started my mission in and i get a call from President Kargbo, one of the men that drive things around to the missionaries for the mission, and i hear him say the sweetest words... "Hello Elder Rogers. Where are you at? There's a package here for you. Should i bring it to you?" Since i was next to the mission office i went to pick it up straight after the meeting... it was all covered in University of Utah tape and had big blue letters written in the same three letter pattern all over it... BYU. Elder Stanford met my package before i did and he enjoyed coloring it. I wasn't sure if i had to wait to open it on my birthday or not but i couldn't wait that long so i opened that baby up.... pop tarts are finished. Well i was very happy from that but back to the work.. this week we had three investigators at church and we had an investigator interviewed for baptism that day as well. The work this week was small small.. the area seems to get tougher and tougher each day but we're still doing our best. This week i was sitting in my room Saturday night and i was just thinking to myself and then a thought popped into my head.... in a week Annika will be sitting at home.... oh boy see trunkiness.... oh well i'm over it now! Sometimes its good to think about home.... sometimes. Anyways this week we'll be working on many things... one of them being finding families... we've noticed that where a strong father is then a strong family is there also... we've also noticed the opposite. We're doin our best to stay positive and diligent... by the way i don't have ebola... i feel normal now. I actually feel good enough to play football monday's and i've actually gotten decent now... i scored a goal... i'm still white so im not that great but small small. Anyways i love you all! Sorry that this email was all over the place... i'm holding a conversation with a white guy from Seattle as i'm writing so my focus is not here. Love you all!
-Elder Rogers

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