Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Proselyting on Monday...... what?

So some of you may be wondering why i'm emailing on a Tuesday... its because Sierra Leone's independence day was on the 27th so Monday was a holiday as well and the mission decided that more people would be home on Monday so it would be a very good opportunity to find more families. It was a good idea because we got a sweet new family to teach!! 
So this past week we had our zone meeting for the transfer and i got to conduct..... conducting by the way is a lot harder than it looks.... Elder Sumrak and Elder Stanford (the AP's) attended as well and for the most part of the meeting we discussed finding Kingdom Builders, people who have families, are educated for the most part and will be strong members in the church. So right after that Elder Hamilton and i went out to find and boy to we find someone who's gonna make us work! We found a sweet guy who's relatively old and he's a pretty strong muslim man. His name is Abduli "Garrinche" Sesay. The "Garrinche" name is a name that was given to him way back in the day when he played Football for the national Sierra Leone team... the name followed him through his career as he moved from playing on the team to coaching the national team. Now he's a Football junky and that's all he does everyday. I tell you what tho.... it's been a long time since i've been able to talk sports with someone, so we had a pretty sweet connection. He's a pretty strong Muslim but Elder Hamilton and i got him to pray "the christian way" in our last lesson with him on Saturday. Sadly he didn't come to church on Sunday, but small small. 
So yesterday i gave instruction in district meeting on weekly planning and the importance of setting goals. The AP's were also present at this meeting. I loved giving this instruction and i felt very inspired and i enjoyed having the AP's comments in the meeting since my district tends to be a little.... quiet. Tomorrow i'll be going to Kossoh Town for another meeting with our zone and Waterloo zone(my old zone), the AP's will be there as well... i tell you what... i think i see Elder Sumrak just as much now as i did when i was his companion, its so sweet!!! The meeting is about mental health.... we have been having many many missionaries going home lately from our mission and some is because they get in their heads that they can't last the two years in this rough of living conditions. It's really crappy to see so many go home... i'm proud to say that my MTC group of 26 (largest in this mission so far) still has all of the missionaries in the field! WOOOHOOO! 
The picture you asked about mom is when we were waiting for interviews with President Ostler. We were in the Wellington Chapel... notice the barbed wire on the walls... that's to keep the bad guys out. That's a very very very common thing here... most places with compound walls have barbed wire on top and shattered glass cemented to the top of the wall and some even have guard dogs or a security guard
Dogs here are so crazy... in Allen Town they are scattered around during the day and afraid of everything that moves, at night they pack together and they hunt things... people included. Elder Barrick almost got eaten one time.... that's a pretty funny story actually but it's for another day. So anyways i think that's about all for today. I love you all so much! Malloway!
-Elder Rogers

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