Monday, April 21, 2014


Well everyone i hope you all enjoyed your Easter!! This years Easter was a lot more different than last years..... no egg hunt, no m&m's, and i guess the Easter bunny doesn't travel all the way out to SaLone... that guys a joke! So they celebrate Easter much different here. They focus a lot more on "Good Friday" instead of Easter.... this is due to how many apostate churches there are in SaLone. So on good Friday what do they do.. well it starts off as a normal every Sunday kind of service but the Pastors have crazy amounts of offerings so they can make even more money and then at the end they have a reenactment of the Crucifixion of Christ... and they do it crazy realistic like..... a man acts like Christ... naked, wears a crown of thorns, they use fake blood on him, they tie him to a cross. So. Apostate. So Easter Sunday is much different than that. That day is primarily used for Pastors to just make boku boku cash. We all know the three days that everyone goes to church... Christmas, Easter, and the first Sunday of the year. So they use that opportunity to make a bunch of false prophecies about how if you give a big offering there will be a spot on the right hand of God for you and yadayadayada. So also there is a bar/club right out side our apartment... and Easter weekend is a big time for them as well... they just play music... LOUD... all night long. So Sunday i was asleep in church for most of the service because they stopped playing music at 6 in the morning and i couldn't fall asleep until they turned the music off but hey i'm grateful for the experience because its a good journal entry! So i think that's pretty much all for this week. I love you all and hope that you guys are doing great!!!! Malloway!!!!

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