Monday, April 7, 2014


Hello everyone!
I hit 6 months this week and that was crazy... its weird to think that 6 months ago i was sitting in the MTC in Ghana and now i have a million stories to tell.... only 6 months... it goes too quick sometimes. So my new area... is tough. Not rollin too hot at the moment because it's suffering from having one of the trunkiest missionaries die inside it. So thats pretty much all for my area. My companion... is a sweet guy. He's not like me in almost every aspect but we get along really well. My apartment is dusty... dustiest place i've been in all of my mission... goodness its disgusting, but we manage it small small. So my first week as a DL was kinda crappy to be honest.. we only got to teach 14 lessons because i had to go to shell (the place we go for everything you need) to buy fuel for our generator and we had to wait for the water truck to bring water for our apartment on saturday and they didn't come till 9:00 p.m. so we were waiting all day long.... not sweet. But we're not dead yet so i guess i'm not doin too bad. Its very sweet being a district leader because you get to learn much patience and how to continuely serve..... difficult but it'll be worth it! Honestly not too much else happened this week but we did teach one lesson inside a salonian court house..... it's a shack with a big chair at the head of the room for the justice and a few benches in front of it so that the people can sit inside... on the wall there is a list of fines.. most of them are totally ridiculous. like if you shout... 5,000 fine. if you argue with the justice its a 10,000 fine... just ridiculous things... like this one.. in Salone its offensive to cross your legs.. it signals that you aren't open to what others are saying. That is a 15,000 leone fine... the court is so corrupt... its just a money making buisness not a place of law.... thats one problem with this place. But hey its an imperfect world but i love em all the same. Anyways thats it for this week! I love you all. Malloway!!
-Elder Rogers

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