Monday, January 20, 2014

what lives in the drain....

So this week went by so fast!! Elder Barrick and i are having the funnest time here! Not too much fun though... we know when to be serious! I am growing and maturing... slowly... but its still coming! This week we had some crazy experiences... this one man we are teaching has been stealing from his company for quite some time so that he could get enough money to support his family. Its hard to tell people to stop because then they won't have any money and... ya you get the picture. So this man would always take care of writing checks for his company when they would buy things from other companies and every time he would write the check he would take 10,000 leones ($2.50) extra out of his companies account and take it with him... so after confessing this to us we told him to stop, and pray that when he tells his boss he won't fire him... so he did and he goes to tell him. After telling his boss his boss hangs his head and says "That's alright we're even.... I've been keeping 10,000 from your checks each time." BOOM! We just helped two people follow the commandments... when he told us this story we were laughing so hard.... so a few months ago i told Jess about something that was squirming around in a pile of like soapy hair and dirt in the shower drain... that was in my last apartment and i never found out what it was... this apartment has shed some light on this one.... The other night im washing and something is squirming around in the soap that is making its way down the drain.... i just stop and watch it for a second and then what comes crawlin out of the soap... a centipede.... and like the spiders here they are way freaky... this one was multicolored with like neon colors.... oh and it was 6 inches long...... it was like a crawling sausage.... i screamed like a ten year old girl........ it was freaky. So thats my adventurous story for today. Something about my apartment is the view... so amazing... it looks over a river that winds through the peninsula and what is around the river.... the jungle.. its so crazy! I just stand and look out over it...... none of it has people living there either... its really the jungle. So beautiful. Anyways this week was sweet.. on Wednesday Elder Barrick and i went out at 10:30 to have our first appointment and we got bounced... so did the next 3 appointments... so we went to the apartment at noon and ate lunch and then we went back out at 12:45 and returned at 6 with 6 lessons taught! It was so sweet! Im loving this transfer so much! I've loved all of them so much but this one is going so fast.... Anyways i was studying the other day and i was reading in 2 Nephi 10:3-4 and as i was reading i just bust out laughing.... Coach Hawes voice just flashed through my mind saying, "Jews......... Yall Serious!!!???" Read it and you'll see what im talking about... Chad will be the only one to understand the full affect but man it was funny. Im currently learning 6 different languages and can greet in each one of them. They are Limba, Timini, SoSo, Kissi, Krio, and Mendai. I can speak Krio and i can almost bare my testimony in Mendai. I love learning and languages are probably the coolest things to learn.. everyone says i won't be able to speak them before i go home but i'm determined. So anyways thats all for this week! I tell you guys all the funny things but just know that spiritual things are happening and the reason i don't share them is because most of them are just really special to me so i tend to not share them but i'll start to add things about my studies and such. Keep reading those Books of Mormon!! Mallowai!
-Konokwao Rogers

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