Monday, January 13, 2014

The streak.. is over‏

The streak... meaning my streak of not throwing up has now come to an end.. not because i've been nervous and not because of anything other than... i got something not sweet. So monday i arrived in Allen town and it wasn't a bad day........ the apartment is the sweetest and i had a lot of time to chill inside it this week.. tuesday i had the runs so bad... like when i would drink water.. it would come out in 5 minutes and even sometimes when i would go to wipe.... BOO! ... all over my hand.. not sweet.. anyways that was tuesday and wednesday so we couldn't go out of the apartment... thursday we gave it a shot.. we went out and my body was feeling fine and then out of nowhere around like 4 oclock in the evening it all came rushing back... this time with nausea... so Thursday night was full of throwing up in a bucket while sitting on the toilet and .... you get the idea..... anyways friday we stayed inside and then finally saturday we went out and had a normal day... thank goodness. So throughout my sick days i read a book that elder barrick let me borrow.. its called The Brothers and its from The Great & Terrible Series. It was written by a mormon writer and it is the sweetest! Mom i would love it if you could find the whole series of 8 books and send them to me just one in each future package! And buy another set and read them! They are sweet! Elder Barrick is a way sweet companion and we are enjoying our transfer so far........ we had a ton of bonding time this week so it was nice! He is a very kind loving companion and he does a lot of things for me.... without me asking.. don't get the idea that im bossing him around... i've left my old ways:) The apartment is sweet the companionship is sweet... the area is suffering a little because of a mormon who went anti-mormon... so we're working on it... but hey life in the East really isn't so bad! Mallowai!
-Elder Rogers

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