Monday, January 6, 2014

Anywhere but Eastend....

Well transfers came and as they came i was just thinkin in my head.. please not eastend please not eastend.... "Elder Rogers will be going to the Allen Town apartment and the Allen Town area.... in Eastend." So i was sent to the red headed step child.... hopefully its not so bad. Im really missing King Harmon and im really missing my Belliar Park area.... This area that im going to is not easy... and my companion is Elder Barrick from Idaho! He's from my MTC which is super rare.. 9 out of 10 missionaries don't serve with someone from their MTC so im blessed there... We are both fresh out of our 12 weeks of training... and he doesn't know Krio... thankfully i do.... kinda.... Its gonna be super interesting! Our area is tough is what i hear... My last area i had 12 baptisms and in the same amount of time he had 3 so we have a ton of work to do!! I really don't like switching so many companions though... Elder Barrick will have been in this area for 2 transfers after this one so he is most likely gone so i might be getting another companion after this transfer.... i dislike switching companions so much.... it makes it very hard because just as you start to really enjoy and it starts to go by so fast then you get a new one and have to start all over again... its not so sweet.. but hey this transfer should be pretty fun... I really love the apartment i am going to be staying in.. it doesn't get as much light but it has so much more room! And it has such a sweet view of the ocean and its up  on a mountain (ya i left one mountain.. for another one) so it has a pretty sweet breeze! Anyways that's all i can think of for the moment so ill catch ya next week with more stuff about the area and about how the first week went! Mallowai!

-Elder Rogers 

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