Monday, July 13, 2015


What up what up!? This week was super awesome! We were able to teach quite a bit and we were able to find a lot of people. It was a fast week! This Sunday we find out our transfer news again... freaking again! Its going sooo fast! Well this week Elder Jorgensen and i taught in a zone training about how to be motivated and what happens when we are and when we aren't. We had our zone gather into a circle and pass around 4 dodgeballs... 2 of them were full of air and 2 of them had no air. We passed them around and tried some bounce passes with the flat ones and then we talked about it. We discussed how the 2 balls with air in them represented "pumped up" missionaries, who are effective because of being motivated, and we discussed the other balls, which were flat, and how they were the opposite. It was fun and hopefully the zone got something out of it. We taught about 3 main things that help us to build our motivation... 1-Build confidence through gratitude and focusing on the blessings in our lives instead of looking at our weaknesses. 2-the next step is focus. If we aren't focussed on what we want then we won't be able to get there... we can often focus by setting a short term goal. 3-Direction. In Alice In Wonderland there is a part where she has a conversation with the Chesire cat and it went like this....
Alice: "Would you tell me which way please, i ought to go from here?"
Cat: "That depends a good deal and where you want to get to."
Alice: "I don't care much where."
Cat: "Then it doesn't matter which way you go."
When it comes to direction it helps to stop every so often and ask ourselves "Do i know where i want to go?" and following that question should be "Am i walking the right path to get there?" Direction is HUGE when it comes to motivation. You can't be motivated if you don't know where you wanna get to! Well thats about it for this week! If any of you guys that read this are struggling with motivation try these things out! 
-Elder Rogers

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