Monday, July 6, 2015

4th of JULY!!!‏

Wassup wassup! This week was a lot of fun! It went by lightning fast! Monday was a normal p-day but we played some basketball and that's always fun. I love me a little 2 vs. 2 to start the week off! Tuesday was crazy! Elder Jorgensen and I were at the family history center from 2-9 pm working with people on their family history. It was good too cuz at about 5 pm two tornadoes touched down in Tallahassee and did some work on the trees over here. It wasn't really bad. No one died and the only damage that was caused came from falling limbs. A house down the street from us had a nice hefty limb through the roof and a couple cars got crushed but hey everyone's good here. That night however there was no electricity in our duplex. It was just like Africa... coming home to no power! So remember the love shack that i wrote about a couple weeks ago?? Well they are hooked to a different street for electricity and that street had power so all 6 of us missionaries slept in this 1 bedroom 1 bathroom shack for the night. There's a bunk bed there but that is for the companionship that stays there so they were in the bunk... the other 4 of us threw together 2 mattresses and built some unity throughout the night! It was an experience to never be relived:) 
Wednesday was MLC in Crestview Florida and that was super awesome as usual. President and the others that taught did a great job and we felt very instructed and uplifted by the end. The best part of MLC was being able to chill with my boy Elder Browning! We even got to sit next to each other which never happens when you want it to! 
We were road trippin hard on the way there and back... we took a van from tally to Crestview and picked up some companionships about halfway so there were about 10 of us missionaries packed in a van just having a good ol time singing songs and telling great stories.. it was so much fun! The rest of the week was nothing really too much out of the ordinary other than our sick 4th of July party over at the Knudsen's! We ate dinner and just chilled with them for a little and had the best time! We also had lunch at the institute with the campus district and all the senior couples and that was a blast! We had a steller week and had a lot of fun! 
This week the big lesson that i learned and wanna pass along was something that President Smith said in MLC. He was teaching us about praying and helping our investigators to pray and he told us this about the position in which we should pray, "On your feet or on your knees but never in your seat." I thought that was super interesting especially when i thought about it.... if you were in front of a king you would kneel and speak respectfully to him... you wouldn't sit back and talk to him like a homie. Yes He is our friend and He loves us but our language and even our position shows an amount of respect for our Father in Heaven. We should always try our best to be the most respectful to God... after all he is the one that gives us EVERYTHING. So this week i wanna invite everyone to focus on saying kneeling morning and night prayers. Also if you have a hard time staying focused while you pray, go into a separate room and speak out loud... its weird at first but it helps you stay focused and you feel very satisfied with your prayers when you're done! Have a great week!
-Elder Rogers

Shout out to the World Cup Champions the U.S. Womens soccer team! #america

Elder Dalley.
He is the
He's my favorite senior missionary of all of them.
s in the FSU institute so he was in my first district when i came from Africa. He's awesome

                                         Dueling sparklers

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