Friday, May 1, 2015


What up what up!? This has turned out to be a great week! Elder Browning and I have had so much fun this last transfer and transfer news came and we're staying together so..... THE PARTY GOES ON!!! So excited that i get to stay in Atmore for the next 6 weeks! Atmore has been takin some crazy rain storms for the past week. There was a Tornado on Saturday that hit a city about 20 miles from us and someone was tellin us yesterday that we have a 60% chance of a tornado in the area on Tuesday but i'm not so sure how accurate that information is. We'll be ready regardless! Elder Browning and I have recently started exercising morning and night when we have the time and the other night we decided to go as hard as we can......... our goal.... to go so hard we throw up! So that's what we did..... we went as hard as we can!! And boy did we throw up! Shrimp..... taco bell.... chocolate cookies............... it was so fun and so journal worthy! Oh ya!!!! That's all for this week!
-Elder Rogers

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