Monday, May 4, 2015

No one ever asks for a Book of Mormon in the South....

Whaaaaaaaaaaat up!? Life in A-Town is pretty much the same old same old. Elder Browning and i dropped almost all of our investigating pool this week because no one seemed to be very interested in keeping their commitments... which is a problem. With dropping half of our investigators though we were blessed with a couple who is very interested in the church. How we met Jake and Devon is pretty awesome. Elder Browning met Devon's mother while i was gone on an exchange. Last week we went back to their home to follow up with the mother because she said she was very interested in doing some Family History. When we knocked on the door she wasn't there but Jake was the one who answered the door and he was very interested in it as well. We set up an appointment at the church with Jake for the following week (this week). Our appointment with him was yesterday. It was for 3:00 and at about 3:15 he still hadn't showed up so we called him and he said he could still come if we wanted to wait and of course we wanted to. So he comes about 10 minutes later and he brings his wife. We work on their Family History for about an hour and then Jake's wife Devon starts asking us questions... PERFECT QUESTIONS! Questions about our beliefs on things like "Once saved always saved" and "Speaking in tongues." We answered her questions for about 30 minutes and we had led the conversation towards the restoration and the Book of Mormon. We taught them about the Restoration and we were very bold about claiming that we are the ONLY true church and that the Book of Mormon would prove it. She must have felt the spirit cuz she asked if we had a Book of Mormon with us and we did. No one ever asks for a Book of Mormon in the South.... it was so awesome! We talked a little more and then Jake says "I hope you know that she's gonna take that book with her." Elder Browning and I both were thinking "I hope you know that's exactly what we want!" We have an appointment with them this coming Saturday in their home to discuss the Book and if she has any questions... Everyone pray that she feels the spirit as she reads! Other than that Elder Browning and I have been going around talking to all the people we see to try and find those that are interested in hearing what we got.
-Elder Rogers

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